Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Massages

We are experts in post-op lymphatic drainage massage, and we have extensive training in treating fibrosis and scar tissue caused by cosmetic surgeries. We thrive to help you achieve your snatched body.

Why post-op lymphatic drainage massage after cosmetic surgery?

Swelling, bruising and pain is one of the adverse effects of plastic surgery. Swelling is expected after tummy tuck and liposuction procedures since extra fluid and fat cells solidify within a few weeks after surgery — this is why it is imperative receiving lymphatic drainage right after surgery and not wait weeks. Post-op lymphatic drainage massage aids the movement of accumulated fluid back into the lymphatic channel and reduces swelling. This will help prevent fibrosis, the formation of thick, fibrous scar tissue below the skin.

After 10 AMAZING post-op lymphatic drainage massages. Patient is post-op Lipo 360 and Tummy Tuck

When to get Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Patients that who had plastic surgery should begin with three to five massages within the first two weeks of following the operation. Patients should continue in receiving post-op lymphatic drainage massage until 3 months and should receive a minimal of 10 sessions for some results and 20 for optimal results.

Patient was compliant with self-care and lymphatic drainage massage.

Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Packages

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