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My name is Diego Covarrubias. I am a male massage therapist (LMT AL#4059) that has been massaging in Huntsville area since 2014. I specialize in acute/ chronic pain, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage massage for post cosmetic surgeries, sports massage, sports injuries, and post-op care specialist for tummy tucks/ BBL and lipo. I am also a post-op lymphatic drainage massage and body contour/ sculpting expert.

Different Types of massage

I am currently certified in prenatal, sports massage/ Russian sports massage, Reiki Master, neuromuscular (NMT), lymphatic drainage massage (also known as MLD massage), orthopedic specialist and post-op lymphatic drainage massage and body contouring/ body sculpting expert.

***Sports massage focuses on a variety of sports injuries. This massage technique implements stretches and deeper pressure massage. Cupping and trigger point therapy is also added during a sports massage session to help increase blood circulation and remove toxins.

***Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) also known as lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that helps reduce swelling/ edema caused by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Surgeries include both orthopedic and cosmetic surgeries ( liposuction/ tummy tuck or BBL). MLD/ drainage massage helps detoxify and improve wound healing and scarring.

*** For more information about the different type of massages, look under massages and prices.


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